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LA Brewers Tap Take-Over @ City Tavern – Culver City

City Tavern

The most exciting tap take-over yet! 22 of LA’s finest brewers come together at City Tavern to take over their taps for one evening. In honor of LA Beer Week, many events around the city are going off, but none like this. Here is a list of confirmed brewers and their beers as posted on the City Tavern Facebook page:

The Dudes Outsourced IPA
Noble Aleworks Naughty Sauce
Ohana Surf Shack Sour BLonde
El Segundo Casa Azul
Brouwerij West Brilliant but Lazy
LA Aleworks Karma Kolsch and/or Gams-bart
Bootleggers Wildfire Wheat
Abigaile Nihalist
Strand Atticus
Cismontane Blacks Dawn
Ladyface La Grisette
Eagle Rock Unity
Golden Road Heal the Bay
Phantom Carriage Muis
Pipe Dream Dark Horse
Monkish Seme Della Vita
Congregation Three Cords and the Truth IPA
Angel City Eureka Wit
Hangar 24 Polycot
Taps Mocha Stout or Pumpkin Ale
Smog City Groundwork Coffee Porter
The Bruery Windowsill

Looks like it is going to be quite an exciting night!!! See you there!!!


Barrels Of Fun!

There is no doubt that Eagle Rock Brewery is one of my favorite places for many reasons, one of which is the monthly Women’s Beer Forum. Hosted by co-owner Ting Su, every month Women who love beer gather at Eagle Rock Brewery for a discussion about beer picked personally by Ting Su. This month’s topic was Wood!!! Beers aged in a variety of barrels adding to the beauty of craft beer.

My knowledge of barrel aged beer goes as far as a glass of Allagash Curieux which is ale aged in bourbon barrels, and Inland Empire Brewing Company’s Saison which is ale aged in a Pinot Noir barrel. The results are simple; whatever was made in the barrels will add those flavors to the beer. There are more varieties out there which I had no knowledge of until the Women’s Beer Forum discussion.

The flight menu for the Women’s Beer Forum featured Derailleur by Ladyface Ale House, Rumble by Great Divide Brewing Co., La Folie by New Belgium Brewing Co., Walker’s Reserve by Firestone Walker Brewing Co., and last but certainly not least, Solidarity Aged in Bernheim Barrels by Eagle Rock Brewing Co. An impressive list and an even more impressive taste, all the beers had flavors of the barrels they were aged in, French Oak, American Oak, and Bernheim Kentucky Wheat Whiskey. With such a great selection of beers, there was only one beer that was my favorite of the evening, and to be honest, comes as no surprise, Solidarity Aged in Bernheim Barrels by Eagle Rock Brewery.

For me, the beauty about Solidarity is the simplicity of the light bodied beer found underneath the intense robust flavors. Aged in the Kentucky Wheat Whiskey barrel, the most notable flavors I got from each sip of this black beauty were toffee and spices. Adding more flavors to Solidarity was not the only thing the barrel brought out of this beer; it also increased its alcohol content from a 3% ABV to a 7.1% ABV. Overall, what I loved the most about the entire selection of beers was being able to taste how versatile a good craft beer can be.

I asked Ting Su if it is possible to bottle this version of Solidarity to which she replied “Hell nah girl, you crazy”! haha. The reason it is not possible to bottle Solidarity Aged in Bernheim Barrels is simple, they only have one barrel. The process of aging is one that takes time and well, sadly, they would not be able to meet the demand. I consider myself lucky to have sampled Solidarity Aged in Bernheim Barrels. As I am writing this, I can still taste those flavors, however, a different picture is formulating in my head. I envision myself having a glass of this enhanced Solidarity while smoking a spicy robust Cuban cigar and talking about how we Women now rule the world! Hey I can dream can’t I?

Until the next Women’s Beer Forum, Cheers!

Everyone Remembers Their First….Do You?

Just in time for LA Beer Week, here is my first entry. So what to discuss? How about answering the most common question I get asked when discussing beer. When did my love for craft beer start? Beer has always been my favorite poison, more than any other liquor. My first craft beer however, well now, that was an experience.

Thanksgiving 2009 I was shopping for wine and beer to have with my beautifully spiced turkey I was going to make. I came across Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale and immediately grabbed a 6pack. While cooking, I had one and that first taste was all it took. Lovely flavors of nutmeg and ground ginger danced sweetly on my tongue. I had two with my thanksgiving dinner and one more with my pumpkin pie. The flavors in my food along with the flavors of the pumpkin ale complimented each other. It was a pumpkin overload which, for a beer lover, food lover, all around fall seasonal lover, born in November type of gal I am, I was in total bliss! From then on, I looked for beers similar to that sweet pumpkin ale but didn’t have much luck. I didn’t realize, it was a fall seasonal and it’s availability at my local grocery store was limited to that one holiday season.

Flash forward 4 years later here I am, writing about what I love…beer. My passion for it tends to bleed onto the non beer drinkers making them true believers of the amazing, wonderful world of beer! Recently, my brother asked me if I knew where to find that good chocolate beer I brought to the annual Christmas dinner at his house. Of course, by now, I know where to go for everything and anything pertaining to beer. His brother in law joked and said “Man, you really know a lot about beer! Where did this all start”? I smiled, thought back to my first taste of that pumpkin ale and said…”It started with Thanksgiving dinner”.

That moment in 2009 was just the beginning and opened up a whole new world for me. Though I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to beer, I had a lot of help from friends. So to conclude this momentous occasion, I would like to dedicate this first entry to my amazing beer buddies beginning with Jon and Bernadette Hunt. My weekends in Menifee getting annihilated with cheap beer led us to Beer Hunter, a local bar and grill. That is where I had my first Hangar24 Orange Wheat thus discovering the local craft beer. Cheers to you both and cheers to the rest of my beer buddies: Dolores, Ellie, Ammy, Christina, Guido R, Victor M, and Richard V. Discovering the wonderful world of beer and developing my palate with you has been an adventure! Thank you all for loving beer as much as I do!

Lastly, I need to thank my buddy Ruben aka Grey Matter for helping bring my first writing project to life. Cheers Ruben and thank you so very much!

La Brewja Rosie