New Year New Beer

Tovarish by Beachwood BBQ & Brewery

Tovarish by Beachwood BBQ & Brewery

Hoppy New Beer!!!!

The winter brings out some of the most amazing beers. As the temperature drops, one might find themselves substituting the crispness of a lager for the rich, full bodied flavors of stouts and porters. This is truly one of my favorite times of the year because I absolutely love stouts and porters. Starting off this new year with a new beer, a Russian Imperial Espresso Stout from Beachwood Bbq & Brewery.

Last night, my beer buddy Gabe dropped by with two bottles of Tovarish by Beachwood Bbq & Brewery in the LBC. Tovarish, is a rich Russian Imperial Stout made with Espresso. Talk about a night cap! Made with coffee from Portola Coffee Lab, this Russian Imperial Espresso Stout is thick, dark, and has an intense flavor of chocolate and coffee. The smells of espresso beans are powerfully present with a slight fruit essence. 11.2% alcohol by volume, this stout is sure to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. I think it’s funny that on the label of this beer, it looks like a Russian town, and with it’s bold coffee and chocolate flavors, it would be the kind of drink a Rusky would like haha. Although, this beer is great for the cold nights, it makes an amazing breakfast beer. Substitute your morning cup of joe for a glass of Tovarish!

The best thing about Tovarish, is that it comes from a local brewery which is easily accessible. Beachwood BBQ & Brewery in Long Beach & Seal Beach always has a stellar menu when it comes to beer and food. One of their other stouts that I have had and highly recommend is Udder Love, a milk stout at 5% abv. The tater tots with duck gravy and confit are to die for, and the hot link sandwich is damn near perfect. I am well overdue for a visit and can hardly wait to try something new on their menu.

Until the next session!


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