The Dudes’ Brewing Company @ Pitfire Pizza DTLA

The Dudes' Brewery Juicebox Series: Blood Orange, 7.2% ABV

The Dudes’ Brewery Juicebox Series: Blood Orange, 7.2% ABV

The great thing about Downtown LA’s obsession with craft beer is that, restaurants are switching their regular corporate handles and turning them into rotating local craft selections. The result, a lively change to choosing a beer and also, celebrating the local craft breweries by showcasing their beers in various events. One local place, Pitfire Pizza, hosts $2.00 pint nights featuring a selected craft beer. Last Thursday 1/16/14, Pitfire Pizza hosted The Dudes’ Brewery from Torrance, Ca. I met a few of my beer drinking dudettes there and we were able to try everything on the menu. My favorite, featured in the picture of The Dudes’ cool glass, was the Juicebox Series: Blood Orange. Made with vanilla bean and cacao nibs at 7.2% abv, those ingredients blend melodiously to bring a delightfully sweet and creamy taste. The blood orange didn’t really play on my palate, though, I suspect it is because I have never had a blood orange before and don’t know what taste to look for. Still, what is so cool about this beer was the labor of love that went into it. I can’t imagine how long it took to hand juice and zest every blood orange. Nor can I imagine how many blood oranges it took to make this delicious beer.

I visited their website in hopes to also, visit their taproom, and found that it is not open yet. I have had most of their selections, however, having it fresh may bring a whole different experience. It would be like milk straight from a cow, it’s fresh and with beer, the flavors of the ingredients are more powerful on the palate. I also firmly believe that, the ambience of a place, the people, and their patrons, make the experience. Why not enjoy a pint, with other dudes and dudettes who love beer?! Lastly, like most of the local breweries I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, The Dudes’ Brewing Company has a passion for what they do and it shows with every pour. I highly recommend to anyone that reads this, to try The Dudes, especially their Juicebox Series!


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