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Last Thursday 5/29, my political science professor informed us that we would not have the luxury of using our books or notes for the final exam today. With that said, I cancelled all social activities I had planned for my weekend to prepare. By the time Wednesday came along I was burnt out. I needed a release and needed one soon because I could not squeeze any more Civil Liberties and Civil Rights discussions in my head. Luckily for me, one of my favorite local hot spots, Beer Belly LA, was hosting a Firestone Walker event last night.

After reading all the reviews from the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival last weekend, I was craving to have a similar experience. Knowing I had the morning before my final off, I decided to go to Beer Belly LA for a much needed break in my studies. I started off with Firestone Walker’s Pale Ale 31 fw-paleale31 a 4.9% abv California style pale ale. With all this political history fresh in my brain, it was only natural that I choose a California style pale ale. A tribute to California being the 31st state to be added to the union, Pale Ale 31 fittingly represents everything about California. It is a light beer, subtle on the hops with a fresh, crisp finish. It is California weather in a bottle all year round!

With the amazing selection of Firestone Walker beers on tap, I wanted to try something I have not tried before. I stepped it up and went with the Stickee Monkee. fw-stickeemonkee
Firestone Walker refers to the Stickee Monkee, at 13.4% abv as a Central Coast Quad, which is, a Belgian style quad by recipe but aged in spirit barrels. For me, immediately present was the full body texture of the beer with a sweet, sugar and bourbon flavor. It was just what I needed to relax my tightly wound brain.

I chose to end my evening with something in the middle. Not too light and definitely nothing strong. From the chalkboard menu Beer Belly presented I went with Opal.
A dry hopped Saison at 7.5%, at first sip all I could taste was spice with a nice dry finish. Not as fruity as the other Saison’s I have tried however, there was a sweet subtlety to it.

As my evening came to an end, I had a conversation with Jordon and Cindy, two patrons I met at Beer Belly LA. In our conversation, Jordan and Cindy mentioned they spent the day at different restaurants sampling wine as is their job. Both seemed very happy to end their day of restaurant and wine hopping with a nice cold beer in hand. What better way to end the day, whether it was cramming for a final, crunching numbers, or wine tasting all day, than with a nice refreshing beer like Firestone Walker’s Opal.


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