First Signs of the Fall Season

Fall is by far one of my favorite seasons. The weather is cooler which, in California means a steady 70 degree day with a cool evening. I turn a year older which I’m happy to admit because I believe in aging gracefully. Lastly, the best part of the fall, Pumpkin beer!!!!

Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale was my first craft beer and while at Bevmo last night, I saw boxes of my beloved stacked and ready for sale! Could it be true?!?! Has my favorite season of beers come so soon? Well, at the new Bevmo in Culver City, it has! The joy in my face was priceless as I battled with the choices of Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale or Shipyard Brewing Co’s Smashed Pumpkin. I am always aiming for something new so I went with Shipyard Brewing Co’s Smashed Pumpkin.
Sweet aroma of Pumpkin spice fills the glass and palate as you sip. Smashed Pumpkin Ale at 9.0% abv is full bodied and full of flavor. This beer carries a lot of spice from the nutmeg which I absolutely love!

I could only imagine spotting these fall selections at my local Bevmo is like watching the leaves fall signifying the changes of the season. We in California may not have leaves that dictate the changes of the season, however, we do have beer and it’s official beer lovers, the fall season is near!


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