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Bonding Over Beer

Average Americans spend 8.7 hours a day working in close quarters five days a week. Working so close together, it is only natural that special bonds will be formed. In this case, the bond is between the entire accounting department for the consulting firm I work for. The LAO-Accounting team consists of myself, along with nine other women, and leading the way is our boss-man EO. As a thank you for the continued efforts to put forth hard work and over come challenges, the co-president of our company took us out for happy hour. This has become somewhat of a yearly tradition except this year, we had two VIP’s crash our party. The location of choice was Public School 310 in Culver City, close to where our offices reside. Soon as I knew the location, I did what brewja does best, scope out the tap list online.

Public School presented an amazing tap list, most of which were local California breweries. I set my beer preference list much like I approach my daily emails which ranges from urgent to no response needed. From my list, my top three were Epic Brewing Company’s Fermentation Without Representation, The Kimmie, The Yink, and The Holy Gose by Anderson Valley Brewing Company, last but not least, Hop Highway by Belching Beaver Brewing Company. Though, I sampled a few of the others on tap, the top three really captured the vibe of the evening for me and it began with Fermentation Without Representation by Epic Brewing Company. Fermentation without Representation
Fermentation Without Representation #9 is an Imperial Pumpkin Porter at 7% abv. The beer itself was so delicious, I enjoyed every last drop without taking a picture of the pumpkin goddess. Dark in color and full of spice makes this beer perfect for the upcoming fall season. In comparison to the few that I have already tried, Fermentation Without Representation offers an even balance flavor of chocolate which comes from the malts, a variety of fall spices and uses about 200 lbs of pumpkin per batch. I chose to start with Fermentation Without Representation as a ode to my favorite season, the fall. In my work world, the fall represents the beginning of the busiest time of our year.

The discussion around the table at this time focused on my daily tasks and the struggles of working with people that are in our other offices, in different time zones. The talk was playful as we joked about the many unique situations that come across my desk, the importance of my attention to detail, and the many, many, censored words I use to describe them all. Much like my work day, The Kimmie, The Yink, and The Holy Gose by Anderson Valley Brewing Company began with instant sour notes that blend into a fruity profile with a pleasantly dry finish. IMG_20140917_182839
The Kimmie, The Yink, and The Holy Gose by AVBC comes in at 4.2% abv, light, sessionable and definitely enjoyable. I handed the glass to my partner in crime to see if she would like it. Knowing she doesn’t care for beer or the taste of it, I had a feeling she would like this sour beer, and I was right. Its fun for me to bring these new beers for my coworkers to sample because I love to share the knowledge. It is even more enjoyable to see their reaction, the sweet and the sour.

The last beer of choice was Hop Highway IPA by Belching Beaver Brewing Company coming in at 7.3% abv. IMG_20140917_191312 For some time now, i’ve been ordering more IPA’s to further expand my appreciation for them. The great thing about Hop Highway IPA by Belching Beaver is that the hop presence is not overpowering for me. It was a subtle bitter flavor, notable citrus aromas, with a creamy head that blends out into a beautiful lace. I’m growing rather fond of IPA’s as I expand my palate and also for sours. This is my second beer from Belching Beaver Brewing Company and I must admit, i’m impressed with what i’ve had so far. I’m looking forward to trying more from them in the near future.

One of our happy hour crashers, J.O., comes from our Chicago office. It was mentioned to me earlier that day that not only is he one of our best in the business, but he is also, a homebrewer. Brewing styles range from Ales, IPA’s to Christmas Ales. As we’re talking beer, I mention to him that it is unfortunate his trip will be cut just before the LA Beer Week Kick Off begins. Jokingly, he implies that he will not try to reach me as I will not be available after LA Beer Week kicks off haha! He does not bottle his homebrew anymore though, I think I convinced him to send me a keg. Hey, a brewja can dream right?! The evening was spent with the most incredible people i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The evening also brought me closer to J.O., the guy that has been the bane of my work existence since day one. Now that we’ve bonded over beer, I feel, the days going over his expense reports will bring a smile to my face rather than the look of dread. A toast to my work family and all the incredible work we do!

JO/EO enjoying an IPA, and a Pils.

JO/EO enjoying an IPA, and a Pils.

My coworker and I were named Good Cop, Bad Cop.  Here we are with JO doing our Charlie's Angels impression and photo bombed by LC aka Bosley.

My coworker and I were named Good Cop, Bad Cop. Here we are with JO doing our Charlie’s Angels impression and photo bombed by LC aka Bosley.


LA Beer Week Kick Off Celebration!


LA Beer Week Kick Off celebration is only 10 days away!!! One of my favorite events to attend with my gal pals! This year, #LABW6 is hosted by the Los Angeles Brewers Guild and will take place in Historic Chinatown. The facebook page for #LABW6 confirmed yesterday a total of 48 breweries in attendance. There will be food trucks serving up some good eats and live music to enjoy the atmosphere! Prices range from $65.00 for VIP, $45.00 for GA, and $10.00 for the Designated Driver. Currently, both the VIP and GA ticket counts are in the 100’s and going fast! Don’t wait, purchase your tickets before they sell out! Go to to purchase tickets and for all the deets on the upcoming events. Hope to see you there!