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Eagle Rock Brewery Needs You!

Last Saturday someone asked me which of the LA Breweries are my favorite. After putting some thought into it, I answered Eagle Rock Brewery. The answer was a shock to the person that asked however, after explaining my answer it was easy to see why Eagle Rock Brewery is my favorite. A brewery will have more than beer to offer, they will have an experience. Eagle Rock Brewery has been giving this experience to customers old and new for 5 years.

Eagle Rock Brewery Longevity

Operating for 5 years without incident, Eagle Rock Brewery is forced to endure a public hearing in order to renew their operating permit in the City of Los Angeles. The public hearing is to take place on November 6th in the Los Angeles City Hall on Spring St. There are a number of reasons why Eagle Rock Brewery is having to renew their permit by public hearing which unfortunately at this time are unknown. Regardless of the reason, the hearing puts Eagle Rock Brewery in a position to where they will have to pay fees for the hearing on top of their normal operating expenditures. The likely cause of this high hoop to jump is in the nature of the product, alcohol. Although I understand the City of Los Angeles must uphold the local rules, it is my opinion that no business owner should have to pay for due diligence.

Three years ago, I had no blog, no in depth understanding of craft beer, only enthusiasm to learn more. I found a local brewery that had a Women’s Beer Forum; the focus was to introduce women into the wonderful world of beer. It was an incredibly unique experience and one that has helped my own development. The brewery was Eagle Rock Brewery and the co-owner Ting Su, hosts this empowering, one of a kind event.

The head Brewmaster for Saint Archers Brewing Company Ms Kim Lutz and Co-Owner of Eagle Rock Brewery, Ms. Ting Su empowering women through the art of beer! Love these ladies!!!

The head Brewmaster for Saint Archers Brewing Company Ms Kim Lutz and Co-Owner of Eagle Rock Brewery, Ms. Ting Su empowering women through the art of beer! Love these ladies!!!

Eagle Rock Brewery not only celebrates women who love beer, but also, the homebrewing community. For the recent LA Beer Week, Eagle Rock Brewery teamed up with the homebrewing club Maltose Falcons for a collaboration brew called Longevity. The beer itself was like paying homage to the humble beginnings of all great brewmasters. By introducing women to a new beer experience and staying true to their roots shows how Eagle Rock Brewery embraces the LA beer community.

There are several different ways you can show your support for Eagle Rock Brewery. You can show up to the public hearing on Thursday November 6th from 9am to 12pm, you can write a letter, email or call the Office of Zoning Administration directly. Visit to get all the details on how you can support them. You can also sign the online petition at allowing Eagle Rock Brewery to continue operations without further hearings.

Now is the time to unite the LA Beer Community to show support for Eagle Rock Brewery and why they are the “Beer for the People”!

Dolores and her blonde by Saint Archers Brewery

Dolores and her blonde by Saint Archers Brewery

Jeremy Raub of Eagle Rock Brewery and Ellie at the Craftsman booth

LA Beer Week Kick Off Celebration

While all eyes are currently focused on Denver and the Great American Beer Festival, I’m still thinking about Los Angeles Beer Week 2014. LA Beer Week Kicked Off Saturday September 20th, followed by a multitude of events all week long throughout LA and surrounding cities. Consequently, my work and school schedule interferes with the week long festivities. As sad as I was to miss some of the major events, I did however, make an effort to attend the Kick Off Celebration. Although I have attended this event in the past, this year, it felt all new.
No, No Thank You!

Formerly known as the Opening Gala for LA Beer Week, this year, the event had a new name, a new location, and a new group of organizers. The Los Angeles Brewers Guild headed by Jeremy Raub of our beloved Eagle Rock Brewery brought a sense of unity to this festival. The energy that day was vibrant, joyful, and we embraced it with open arms.
Smog City Bear

The tickets this year were very reasonable as opposed to the overpriced festival last year and offered so much more. Although a last minute update announcing the distribution of drink tickets caused some concern, it wasn’t enough to break the spirits of true beer lovers. Since I am still a small time beer enthusiast, I purchased myself a general admission ticket and made plans to meet my friends at the event. Historic Chinatown was the setting for the new LABW6, a short walk away from the Metro Gold Line.

I arrived just before the general admission gate opened and waited in line for my wristband. In the past, the line was unreasonably long as it combined check in, wristband distribution and entrance in one. This time, it was short and seemed to go quite swiftly. You can tell almost immediately, the event was very well organized from the start. Walking through the entrance I was handed a map detailing where the breweries were at, a commemorative glass and ten drink tickets to start. Shortly after, I met quickly with friends and made my way to the first stop on my list of breweries to try.

My list consisted of breweries I’ve never visited and beers I’ve never tried. I was aiming for an all new experience and it was exactly what I got. New breweries on my list were Progress Brewing, King Harbor Brewing, Pacific Plate Brewing and The Brewery at Abigale. I also enjoyed new beers from Ladyface Alehouse, Macleod Ale Brewing, Eagle Rock Brewery, Wolf Creek Brewery, New Belgium Brewing, and Brouwerij West. All the beers were fantastic and it was hard to single out one as a favorite.

I realized at the end of the event the one place I could not get enough of was Pacific Plate Brewing and their Horchata Stout.
Pacific Plate Horchata Stout
The Horchata Stout at 5.2% abv is based on an English Milk Stout. The two major ingredients I could taste almost immediately were the cocoa and the cinnamon. It was a beautiful imitation of my favorite agua fresca. I was impressed with both the Horchata Stout and the Copa De Oro from Pacific Plate Brewing, that I plan on visiting their location soon! Visit for hours and location.

As the last hour approached, The Firkins took the stage and crowds rushed to get the last of the samples poured till they were all out. As sad as we were to see the event come to an end, my friends and I had a fantastic time.

Gayle and Luis of Angry Horse Brewing Co sad to see the event come to an end.

Gayle and Luis of Angry Horse Brewing Co sad to see the event come to an end.

The ladies and one random photobomber

It was so great to see everyone I know, to meet new people and to try new places. I was aiming for a new experience and I got just that. I’m hoping next year, I’ll have a chance to enjoy LA Beer Week in it’s entirety from the Kick Off Celebration, to the Battle of the Bands, to the multiple Tap Takeovers and Meeting of the Guilds. I want to do as much as I can to make up for what I missed out on this year. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Brewers Guild and all the volunteers for throwing one bad ass beer bash!

Ellie Christina and Kim
Eagle Rock Brewery Longevity
Jeremy Raub of Eagle Rock Brewery and Ellie at the Craftsman booth
King Harbor Quest Series
Brouwerji West Brilliant but Lazy
Ladyface Ale Companie Guillotine
MacLeods Nutty Broon
New Belgium La Folie
Pacific Plate Copa de Oro
The Brewery at Abigale
The Firkins
Juan and Jesse
DIY Sticker Shirt
Wolf Creek Punkelweizen
Progress Brewing Co Calvary DIPAThe first toast

Until next year!