Brew-mance Part 1: Snobbery Will Get You Nowhere

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I am part of the online dating circuit. Not the free sites where it is completely obvious that everyone is just there for the glorified O.N.S, no, the real sites that people you know talk about and say “a friend of mine joined that site and met her husband” kind of site. The headline for my profile now reads “Must Love Beer” because let’s face it, beer is awesome! My hope is to find someone who loves beer and is open to new beer experiences among other things.

Last week, I received a message from a fellow beer lover and was invited to meet at The Golden Gopher in DTLA. I knew of The Golden Gopher however, I had never been there and heard it was a place with a good selection of beer. This was true! Scanning the board I saw a favorite of mine, Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA along with some others that I had not tried before. My first pick was Deschutes Chainbreaker but unfortunately it was tapped out for the evening. I went with my second choice, 329 Lager from Golden Road Brewery. This was the first time I had tried 329 Lager and I really enjoyed it. The beer was light, crisp and so delicious.

Conversation topics during our first pint were the usual first date chit-chat and with every sip of my delicious 329 Lager, the nervousness would subside. At our second pint, I didn’t see any reason to change my beer selection as I was perfectly happy with what I had. I was excited when the topic of beer came up because as I mentioned before beer is awesome. Also, I was interested in knowing what kind of beer experiences he’s had. He asked, as many people do, what my favorite beer is and my answer is always ‘beer is my favorite beer.’ I used to have a style preference, however, throughout the years, I’ve grown away from the notion of preference and now can honestly say “beer is my favorite beer”. There is no one style I prefer over another and there is not one beer I won’t try at least once.

Sadly, these feelings about beer weren’t mutual. My date proudly considered himself a beer snob and voiced a lot of negative opinion about the people that didn’t drink craft beer. While I recognized that he’s discovered the awesomeness of craft beer, I cringed inside every time he made reference to his snobbery. It was a poor attempt on his part to argue the difference between craft beer vs. Corona. In my opinion, claiming to be a beer snob is not something to be proud of. The term alone annoys me because it is overused as a generalized description for people who drink craft beer and at times when it is unmerited.

In truth, he was not a beer snob, he was a craft beer newbie making classic craft beer newbie mistakes. I know this because I was a craft beer newbie that made similar mistakes. Thankfully, I had the good sense to not limit myself anymore when it came to my love for beer. The search for my beer lovin’ man continues and I look forward to sharing some delicious brews along the way. After all, I am the hopeless romantic, beer, books, and movie geek; seeking a partner in crime to experience and enjoy all that the beer world has to offer.

A toast to all the single, beer loving people in our beautiful City of Angels!


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