Blue Palms Brewhouse 10th Anniversary is the Hottest Ticket in Hollywood!

Sunday August 12, 2018 Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood will be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary. The price for tickets are $45.00 plus taxes and fees which includes a commemorative taster glass, 10 tickets for 5oz pours of your choice, unlimited full pours from a core beer booth (no tickets required) and free cocktails from Cutwater Spirits. The event will take place inside Blue Palms Brewhouse as well as inside the Fonda Theater with food available for purchase from the Blue Palms kitchen and games galore. So far, the tap list has grown exponentially and continues to grow making this 10 year celebration the hottest ticket in Hollywood as well as the best beer event on a budget! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy beers from some amazing breweries and celebrating one of the craft beer industries finest institutions Blue Palms Brewhouse on their tremendous milestone. Follow this link BLUEPALMS to purchase your ticket today and follow them on their Facebook page to view the tap list as it updates periodically. Cheers to 10 Years!


LA Beer Week Kick Off Celebration

While all eyes are currently focused on Denver and the Great American Beer Festival, I’m still thinking about Los Angeles Beer Week 2014. LA Beer Week Kicked Off Saturday September 20th, followed by a multitude of events all week long throughout LA and surrounding cities. Consequently, my work and school schedule interferes with the week long festivities. As sad as I was to miss some of the major events, I did however, make an effort to attend the Kick Off Celebration. Although I have attended this event in the past, this year, it felt all new.
No, No Thank You!

Formerly known as the Opening Gala for LA Beer Week, this year, the event had a new name, a new location, and a new group of organizers. The Los Angeles Brewers Guild headed by Jeremy Raub of our beloved Eagle Rock Brewery brought a sense of unity to this festival. The energy that day was vibrant, joyful, and we embraced it with open arms.
Smog City Bear

The tickets this year were very reasonable as opposed to the overpriced festival last year and offered so much more. Although a last minute update announcing the distribution of drink tickets caused some concern, it wasn’t enough to break the spirits of true beer lovers. Since I am still a small time beer enthusiast, I purchased myself a general admission ticket and made plans to meet my friends at the event. Historic Chinatown was the setting for the new LABW6, a short walk away from the Metro Gold Line.

I arrived just before the general admission gate opened and waited in line for my wristband. In the past, the line was unreasonably long as it combined check in, wristband distribution and entrance in one. This time, it was short and seemed to go quite swiftly. You can tell almost immediately, the event was very well organized from the start. Walking through the entrance I was handed a map detailing where the breweries were at, a commemorative glass and ten drink tickets to start. Shortly after, I met quickly with friends and made my way to the first stop on my list of breweries to try.

My list consisted of breweries I’ve never visited and beers I’ve never tried. I was aiming for an all new experience and it was exactly what I got. New breweries on my list were Progress Brewing, King Harbor Brewing, Pacific Plate Brewing and The Brewery at Abigale. I also enjoyed new beers from Ladyface Alehouse, Macleod Ale Brewing, Eagle Rock Brewery, Wolf Creek Brewery, New Belgium Brewing, and Brouwerij West. All the beers were fantastic and it was hard to single out one as a favorite.

I realized at the end of the event the one place I could not get enough of was Pacific Plate Brewing and their Horchata Stout.
Pacific Plate Horchata Stout
The Horchata Stout at 5.2% abv is based on an English Milk Stout. The two major ingredients I could taste almost immediately were the cocoa and the cinnamon. It was a beautiful imitation of my favorite agua fresca. I was impressed with both the Horchata Stout and the Copa De Oro from Pacific Plate Brewing, that I plan on visiting their location soon! Visit for hours and location.

As the last hour approached, The Firkins took the stage and crowds rushed to get the last of the samples poured till they were all out. As sad as we were to see the event come to an end, my friends and I had a fantastic time.

Gayle and Luis of Angry Horse Brewing Co sad to see the event come to an end.

Gayle and Luis of Angry Horse Brewing Co sad to see the event come to an end.

The ladies and one random photobomber

It was so great to see everyone I know, to meet new people and to try new places. I was aiming for a new experience and I got just that. I’m hoping next year, I’ll have a chance to enjoy LA Beer Week in it’s entirety from the Kick Off Celebration, to the Battle of the Bands, to the multiple Tap Takeovers and Meeting of the Guilds. I want to do as much as I can to make up for what I missed out on this year. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Brewers Guild and all the volunteers for throwing one bad ass beer bash!

Ellie Christina and Kim
Eagle Rock Brewery Longevity
Jeremy Raub of Eagle Rock Brewery and Ellie at the Craftsman booth
King Harbor Quest Series
Brouwerji West Brilliant but Lazy
Ladyface Ale Companie Guillotine
MacLeods Nutty Broon
New Belgium La Folie
Pacific Plate Copa de Oro
The Brewery at Abigale
The Firkins
Juan and Jesse
DIY Sticker Shirt
Wolf Creek Punkelweizen
Progress Brewing Co Calvary DIPAThe first toast

Until next year!


LA Beer Week Kick Off Celebration!


LA Beer Week Kick Off celebration is only 10 days away!!! One of my favorite events to attend with my gal pals! This year, #LABW6 is hosted by the Los Angeles Brewers Guild and will take place in Historic Chinatown. The facebook page for #LABW6 confirmed yesterday a total of 48 breweries in attendance. There will be food trucks serving up some good eats and live music to enjoy the atmosphere! Prices range from $65.00 for VIP, $45.00 for GA, and $10.00 for the Designated Driver. Currently, both the VIP and GA ticket counts are in the 100’s and going fast! Don’t wait, purchase your tickets before they sell out! Go to to purchase tickets and for all the deets on the upcoming events. Hope to see you there!


Blue Palms 6th Anniversary Celebration


The “must go to” event of the summer is a day away! Those lucky enough to have purchased tickets online can rest easy, plan for transportation and which of the 90+ beers to taste tomorrow. That’s right folks, over 90 of the world’s best beers will be poured tomorrow at Blue Palms Brewhouse 6th Anniversary celebration in Hollywood. The online sales have ended, though, there will be tickets available at the door for purchase. I imagine with the stellar list of beers that will be there tomorrow, those tickets available at the door won’t last. If you’re looking for a Sunday-Funday event to go to, I highly recommend attending this event at Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood. The Metro Red Line will be my chariot of choice for the event and can hardly wait!

For the confirmed list as of August 7th, visit the Blue Palms Brewhouse website.


Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Night at City Tavern Culver City

city tavern
Next Thursday July 24th City Tavern Culver City will host the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Pint Night. If you’re a fan of Sierra Nevada, I highly recommend attending this event at City Tavern Culver City. Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America is a collaborative journey with 12 breweries across America. For beer lovers such as myself, it will be interesting to taste the variety. Take the journey with Sierra Nevada across America one pint at a time! Hope to see you there!

Visit the website city for directions and their telephone number. I also recommend making reservations so give them a call.


An Afternoon with the Yeastside Brewers Organization

I am very excited to finally populate this segment of my blog, Homebrewing Homies! I am even more excited to start this segment with an afternoon at a Yeastside Brewers meeting. Early last year, on one of my many solo adventures having some delicious pints, I met my friend Victor, member of the Yeastside Brewers homebrew club. We had great conversations about beer, blogging, music, and homebrewing.

Last September, he invited me to a homebrewer’s dinner where I got to meet more members of the Yeastside Brewers and sample their beers. I didn’t know exactly what to expect; however, I felt privileged to be there. I was very impressed with all that I sampled that evening but more with the beers of the Yeastside Brewers. IMG_3241
Here we are nearly a year later and I’m attending my first Yeastside Brewers meeting at Eagle Rock Brewery. As it was with that homebrewer’s dinner, I didn’t know what to expect. I visited the Yeastside Brewers website so I could learn what they are all about. As stated on their website, Yeastside Brewers are a group of like-minded homebrewers whose primary concerns are the exploration and production of fantastic beers. In my own personal opinion, Yeastside Brewers are an amazing group of homebrewers with a true passion and talent for crafting homebrew.

As I sat waiting for the meeting to start, a couple named Nora and Henry walked into Eagle Rock Brewery for some beers to enjoy with their fresh tamales. Unbeknownst to them, they walked into the homebrew meeting just before it got underway. They sat beside us and as Henry was ordering a beer, Nora leans in toward Gayle Michel, Treasurer of Yeastside Brewers and Co-Owner of Angry Horse Brewing Company, to ask why we were gathered there that afternoon. Simply said, Gayle Michel tells Nora about the homebrew club and explains that the monthly meeting is about to commence. Nora asked how she and Henry could taste their beers. Gayle Michel warmly invites them to be her guests that afternoon and gave them name tags. Just like that, Nora and Henry found themselves in the right place at the right time.

Meeting essentials for the members of Yeastside Brewers are as follows; taster glass (Yeastside Brewers taster glasses available for purchase), homebrew to share, snacks, cash or credit card for purchasing shirts, glassware, and commercial beers. The members checked in with Gayle, they were given a pen and a tag for their beer, and placed it on the table which soon looked like a gift table at a party. As all the members arrived, they congregated around the beer table; the sound of tightly bottled beers opening could be heard. With each bottle opened, the carbonation made its sweet escape as if it were sounding the bell that the meeting had commenced.

From a list of over thirty beers that afternoon, I tried eleven. My overall favorite of the day was the Oak Glen Cider by Jerl Leutz.
Jerhl's Cider
Last October, then President Jerl Leutz organized a cider pressing trip to Snow-line Orchard in Oak Glen. The cider purchased was unpasteurized, preservative-free, and fresh off the press, heirloom apples. Perhaps it is the reason why Jerl’s Cider was so delicious. With each sip I would breathe in the fresh scent of the apples which made it taste exceptionally refreshing, crisp, and sweet.

There were 2 Black IPAs I tried from the list; one was made by Cesar which he added more malt than hops and gave it a nice roast flavor. The second was Josh’s Black IPA which had an even balance of malt and hops.
Cesar's Black IPA

Josh Black IPA
What I enjoyed about both these selections was the slight bitter hop taste that did not linger nor overpower the brew.

My friend Victor made a gruit which I initially tried last September; however, this version had a much earthier flavor and was just as enjoyable. Brewed on a Belgian Dubbel base, Victor’s gruit was made with a total of 9 herbs, no hops and is at 7% abv.
Victor's Gruit

All the beers I sampled that day were fantastic!

Oscar Kolsch

Homebrew leftovers

I sat enjoying the tastes of these homebrews and listened in on the chatter amongst the members. Each member sampling was face to face with the brewer giving feedback on the profile of the beer. There were no snarky remarks or rude comments or gestures, only criticism that was constructive, helpful, encouraging, and appreciative.
Gathering around the booze table

Toward the end of the meeting, David Ochoa, president of Yeastside Brewers made the announcement for upcoming events, thanked everyone for helping out while he was out of town during the last meeting, and spoke about other club business. It was no ordinary club meeting – where minutes are taken and attendance is required. Instead, this was a club gathering of friends: homebrewers that genuinely care about their product and have the ultimate respect for one another.

So where can you try beers from this fantastic homebrew club? Well, it just so happens that on Sunday June 29th, Yeastside Brewers will be serving up their well crafted beers at the 2nd Anniversary of CRAFTED at the Port of LA. With the purchase of admission you get a live homebrew demo, tote bag, and souvenir glassware. If you purchase your ticket before Saturday and use the discount code TASTE, you can get $5.00 off admission price. See the link for details. Crafted

Spending the afternoon with Yeastside Brewers made me want to brew my own beer. I was inspired by the camaraderie and everything I tasted. Homebrewing will be a project in the near future; for now, writing about amazing homebrewers like the members of Yeastside Brewers is what I want to do. If you are interested in learning more about Yeastside Brewers click here Yeastside Brewers
Before I close this blog entry, I would like to thank Yeastside Brewers for the warm welcome. Honorable mentions to the Yeastside Brewers Eleven whose beers I sampled, you are all amazing brewers!

The YeastsideBrewer’s Eleven
Gruit by Victor Macias
Black IPA by Cesar
Smoked Wheat by Jorge
Bow by Eddie
Black IPA by Josh
Kumquat Blonde Farmhouse Ale by Martin # 17
Brown Sour by Christina
Oak Glen Cider by Jerl Leutz
Kolsch by Oscar
Red Ale by Oscar
Black Jax Imperial Stout by Gayle, Luis, and Nathan of Angry Horse Brewing Company

See you Sunday, beer lovers!


Powered By Firestone Walker

Last Thursday 5/29, my political science professor informed us that we would not have the luxury of using our books or notes for the final exam today. With that said, I cancelled all social activities I had planned for my weekend to prepare. By the time Wednesday came along I was burnt out. I needed a release and needed one soon because I could not squeeze any more Civil Liberties and Civil Rights discussions in my head. Luckily for me, one of my favorite local hot spots, Beer Belly LA, was hosting a Firestone Walker event last night.

After reading all the reviews from the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival last weekend, I was craving to have a similar experience. Knowing I had the morning before my final off, I decided to go to Beer Belly LA for a much needed break in my studies. I started off with Firestone Walker’s Pale Ale 31 fw-paleale31 a 4.9% abv California style pale ale. With all this political history fresh in my brain, it was only natural that I choose a California style pale ale. A tribute to California being the 31st state to be added to the union, Pale Ale 31 fittingly represents everything about California. It is a light beer, subtle on the hops with a fresh, crisp finish. It is California weather in a bottle all year round!

With the amazing selection of Firestone Walker beers on tap, I wanted to try something I have not tried before. I stepped it up and went with the Stickee Monkee. fw-stickeemonkee
Firestone Walker refers to the Stickee Monkee, at 13.4% abv as a Central Coast Quad, which is, a Belgian style quad by recipe but aged in spirit barrels. For me, immediately present was the full body texture of the beer with a sweet, sugar and bourbon flavor. It was just what I needed to relax my tightly wound brain.

I chose to end my evening with something in the middle. Not too light and definitely nothing strong. From the chalkboard menu Beer Belly presented I went with Opal.
A dry hopped Saison at 7.5%, at first sip all I could taste was spice with a nice dry finish. Not as fruity as the other Saison’s I have tried however, there was a sweet subtlety to it.

As my evening came to an end, I had a conversation with Jordon and Cindy, two patrons I met at Beer Belly LA. In our conversation, Jordan and Cindy mentioned they spent the day at different restaurants sampling wine as is their job. Both seemed very happy to end their day of restaurant and wine hopping with a nice cold beer in hand. What better way to end the day, whether it was cramming for a final, crunching numbers, or wine tasting all day, than with a nice refreshing beer like Firestone Walker’s Opal.


Upcoming May Events

Hello Everyone!

Here is a short list of some upcoming events for May.

May 3rd – Beers & Bands @ Inland Empire Brewing Company. There is No cover charge for this event, $3.00 beers and will feature music by The Union Drifters and DKJ IMG_9444 Good Tunes, Good Brews, Good Times!

May 5th – Cinco De Mayo Ditching Pari @ Eastside Luv Wine Bar Y Queso. This is an all day indoor/outdoor event beginning inside ESL at 9am. IMG_55281973076932 Beer Garden hours will be 12pm-10pm outdoors. Mariachi-Oke, Mariachi Los Toros and a Mechanical Bull ay guey! Eastside Luv knows how to pari!

May 10th – 4th Annual Session Fest @ Eagle Rock Brewery. Session beers are low in alcohol which makes them easy to drink. As posted on their website, the event starts at 12pm and tickets are $15.00, commemorative glass included. For $15.00, this is a pretty good deal! Visit their website for the deets!

May 17th – Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival 8950 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood,Ca. This event is sold out but still well worth the mention! I will be attending this event so if you see me around come say hello! 1398795629762
If I hear of any extra tickets out there I’ll be sure to post the info.

May 23rd- Stone Brews Cruise/BFF Bernadette Hunt’s Birthday Weekend Celebration! To kick off her birthday weekend, my BFF Bernadette Hunt of IEBC requested we do the Stone Brews Cruise in San Diego. We will embark a yaght filled with over 40 different breweries as we cruise the San Diego Harbor! Beers, Boats & Ho’s! Tickets for this event are sold out though, they will do another in August. Visit for more info on the August 29th cruise.

With summer right around the corner, events are sure to happen and I’ll try to post them here! If you know of an event going on send me a message and I’ll add it. Hope to see some of you at these events!

Updated April Events

As mentioned, here is a list of upcoming events for April.

For those of us not attending Viva Las Vegas or Coachella this year, here are a few beer events for this weekend.

April 19th – Art District Clean Up in Downtown LA. Help Angel City Brewery clean up the neighborhood and enjoy some food and beer in the afternoon. From 12pm-3pm and visit Angel City Brewery at

Taste of Brews Inland Empire at Crossroads Riverview Park in Corona. More than 40 breweries will be attending. I highly recommend getting your tickets before the event to avoid any line hassles. If you have someone in your party that is willing to be a designated driver, Taste of Brews offers a specially priced ticket just for them. Visit for the deets!

***Recommended*** LA Foodie’s Float Trip at Angel City Brewery. If you’ve never had a beer float, this is the event to try it. A beer float is just what it sounds like, an ice cream float made with beer. Not just any ice cream, locally produced ice cream with a locally produced craft beer. Having a beer float is something every beer lover should do whenever possible! This event will take place at Angel City Brewery in Downtown LA from 4pm – 7pm.

April 23- ***Recommended*** Beer Belly LA in my new hometown area of Koreatown or “Ktown”, is one of my favorite places to indulge on both food and drink. Once a month, Beer Belly will host a brewery for an event they call “One Night Stand”. Their taps are taken over by a featured brewery and this month’s O.N.S. is with Mother Earth Brewery. Visit the beer belly event page at

for the deets!

April 24 – The Dudes’ Brewing Cask Tapping at Kings Row Pub in Pasadena. Beers on Cask are beers in barrels. To release a beer on cask is pretty much like having it as fresh as possible. I would compare it to eating an ice cream sundae with a wooden spoon as opposed to a metal spoon. The beer in a cask takes your taste buds for a ride. Visit for further detail

April 26 – Bootlegger’s Brewery 6th Anniversary Celebration. Bootlegger’s Brewery has been one of my favorite places to get beer. This is one ticket in which you get more bang for your buck as opposed to other beer festivals. boot Tickets are still available though I don’t know for how long. Visit for ticket purchasing info.

April 27 – Atwater Village Beer, Wine and Food Festival at Link N Hops. This ticket is a little more than the average beer festival ticket but for unlimited tasters, it’s worth it. atwater Visit the site for info on price and ticket purchase.

April 27 – 1st Annual Brewfest of the Foothills at Congregation Ale House in Pasadena. Congregation Ale House is a place that has an amazing selection of beer and such great burgers! I would imagine any event with “1st Annual” to it’s name is going to be a blast! The ticket prices are reasonable $25 presale $30 at the door, and tickets can be purchased at Congregation Ale House Chapters (Pasadena, Long Beach, Azusa). The plus side, it’s walking distance to the Metro Gold Line!!!

This rounds up the month of April. I will try my best to continuously update the events page as I hear about them. There are so many great beer events happening that I’m not sure just yet which one I will be attending. If you happen to see me at any of these events be sure to say hello and have a drink with me! Hope to see you soon!


Upcoming Events for April 2014

The following is a list of events happening around the LA area throughout April and will be updated if new events are found.

Wednesday April 9 – City Tavern Culver City Pint Night with Bootlegger’s Brewery.

Thursday April 10 – Ommegang Game of Thrones Tap Takeover @ Sunset Beer Company in Echo Park. Bar opens at 4pm. Check out their website for directions and more.

Saturday April 12 – The Last Grilled Cheese Invitational in Downtown LA featuring a Beer Garden sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company. Tickets are $15.00 and are still available through their website. This event is all ages though, must be 21yrs+ to visit the Beer Garden. Visit the website for more info.

Wednesday April 16 – Women’s Beer Forum at Eagle Rock Brewery featuring a discussion on Farmhouse Style Ales. The Women’s Beer Forum is one of my favorite monthly events to attend and highly recommend it. Visit the site and rsvp soon as there is only a limited amount of seats available

Thursday April 17 – Sourfest at Little Bear in Downtown LA IMG_50099083153764

Saturday April 19 – Angry PINK BOOTS Bunny Fundraiser at City Tavern Culver City
Angry Horse, an all female brewing team, present their International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day beer United Pale Ale. Their will be raffles and a chance to meet these fantastic ladies from Angry Horse as well as the Global Event Organizer Denise Ratfield. Visit the facebook page of City Tavern Culver City for more event details and join the event! Hope to see some of my fantastic lady friends there! IMG_50908843291038

If you know of any other events happening this month, shoot me a message and i’ll add it to this great list of events. If you see me at any of these events, be sure to say hello and share a drink with me!